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Asian Communication Research (ACR) is an interdisciplinary and international journal that features cutting-edge research at the intersection of between the broadly conceived region of Asia and communication. As an official journal of the Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies(KSJCS), the premier academic association for communication scholars and journalism practitioners in Korea, the Journal publishes original research articles, essays, and book reviews that examine a broad range of issues related to Asian communication scholarship. It publishes three issues annually. ACR is the oldest all-in-English peer-reviewed journal in journalism and communication studies in Korea and is indexed in Korea Citation Index(KCI).

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Manuscript Guidelines

Only original work should be submitted, at any time of the year. Manuscripts may not be under consideration by any other publication. All submissions undergo blind review, so authors should take pains to remove all pointers to their own identity or to that of their institution.

ACR will consider electronic submissions to When submitting your manuscript, you will need to upload a manuscript file with no identifying author information (designate as Main Document) and a separate title page document (designate as Title Page) with author details, including title of the manuscript, the name(s) of the author(s), and the affiliation(s) of the author(s).

Documentation should conform to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th ed. (APA) (2001) and should be placed on a page(s) labeled "References" at the end of the manuscript. To hide your identity during the review process, refer to your own previously published research by using the word AUTHOR rather than your name.
For more information on references download guidline
Upload all Figures, Images, and Tables as a separate document(s). Indicate where figures, images, or tables should be inserted in the text by typing on a separate line—in all capital letters—INSERT TABLE/FIGURE ABOUT HERE after the paragraph where the table/figure is first mentioned.
Everything in the manuscript, including cover page, abstract, indented quotations, notes, and references, should be
double-spaced. Employ the same point size and the same font style throughout the manuscript, and leave the right margin unjustified. In addition, do not end lines with a hyphen. Abstract should not exceed more than 500 words and five key words should be included in every manuscript.
If the manuscript is accepted, authors are responsible for submitting all visuals for accepted manuscripts in camera-ready copy suitable for publication. (Specifications for preparing visuals will be furnished on acceptance.) Authors are responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions and for the accuracy of all references, figures, and tables.

The ACR follows the process as all submitted manuscripts are anonymously peer-reviewed with a valid and reliable review form by at least two or three blinded reviewers. The decision of the referees` reviews will be returned by email unless the author requests response by surface mail at the time of submission. In most instances, authors can expect decisions on their work within three to four months of receipt of papers. Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that, if it is accepted for publication, exclusive copyright of the article shall be assigned to the publisher and the author will be required to sign a copyrights indemnity declaration. At least one round of revision is common for accepted manuscripts. The publisher will not charge authors who wish to use their articles again in publications they may subsequently write or edit. Authors must correct proofs promptly and not make revisions on them.