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Asian Communication Research (ACR) is an interdisciplinary and international journal that features cutting-edge research at the intersection of between the broadly conceived region of Asia and communication. As an official journal of the Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies(KSJCS), the premier academic association for communication scholars and journalism practitioners in Korea, the Journal publishes original research articles, essays, and book reviews that examine a broad range of issues related to Asian communication scholarship. It publishes three issues annually. ACR is the oldest all-in-English peer-reviewed journal in journalism and communication studies in Korea and is indexed in Korea Citation Index(KCI).

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As an official journal of the Korean Society for journalism and Communication Studies(KSJCS), the Asian Communication Research strives to be the flagship journal of KSJCS. The KSJCS is the premier academic association of communication scholars and practitioners in Korea. ACR publishes original works from international scholars that deal, specifically or in part, with communication phenomena in the Asia-Pacific region in cross-cultural or international context. ACR maintains a broad scholarly focus on all aspects of communication without limits to topics, methodological approaches, and theoretical perspectives. ACR covers all aspects of communications including the modern mass media, the traditional media, community and alternative media, telecommunications and in formation and communication technologies. While extensive in scholarly interest, submitted manuscripts must establish the significance of the topic, soundness of the methodology, and appropriateness of the theoretical perspective. The guideline of evaluation is significance of topics 20%, methodology 30%, theoretical significance 30% and quality of writing 20% even though each reviewer has right to make own decision. International in scope, ACR seeks to be a general forum for the international community of communication scholars, with an international reputation and of interest to international audiences. With emphasis on bringing to its readers the latest, broadest, and the most comprehensive findings across the communication field, ACR will publish thematic issues, providing in depth coverage of key areas of interest. ACR publishes three times a year - 30 May, 30 September and 30 December.