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[공지] 한국언론학회 <Asian Communication Research(ACR)> 18권 2호 논문 공모

관리자 | 2021. 06. 23

1. 회원님의 건승을 기원합니다.


2. 한국언론학회에서 <Asian Communication Research(ACR)> 18권 2호 논문을 공모합니다. 이번 호부터 웹사이트를 통해 논문 투고와 리뷰가 이뤄집니다( ACR의 홈페이지도 새로 공개되었으며 해당 사이트에서는 ACR의 논문을 무료로 이용할 수 있습니다( 논문투고 방법을 다음과 같이 안내드립니다. 회원여러분의 많은 참여와 관심을 부탁드립니다.


- 다   음 -


New Website and New Online Submission System


▷ New website for the journal:

√ The new website makes all previous and current articles freely available to any reader.

√ The new website provides detailed instructions for paper submission and ethical guidelines for the authors.

▷ New online submission and review system:

√ Now authors submit their manuscripts not by email but to the online submission system. Authors first create personal account then submit their manuscripts. Reviews also use the online review system. The submission and review process will be more systematic and convenient.


Call for Manuscript Submissions


We are currently accepting submissions for our second issue of 2021 (Vol. 18 No. 2). Asian Communication Research (ACR) is a peer-reviewed, international journal of the Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies (KSJCS). Manuscripts may be theoretical, methodological, critical, empirical, applied, pedagogical, or philosophical.


● Submission Deadline: July 16, 2021

● Scheduled Date of Publication: September 30, 2021

● New Online Submission Site:


We are also inviting reviews of books on topics relevant to the scope of the journal. Eligible books for review are those published within the last five years and appealing to an international readership. Potential book reviewers should contact the editors in advance.


If you have any inquiry, please contact:



Sungeun Chung (Sungkyunkwan University,


Associate Editors

Borae Jin (Joongbu University,

Kyun Soo Kim (Chonnam National University,

Minsun Shim (Inha University,


Associate Managing Editor

Daeun Jeong (Sungkyunkwan University,

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